13 Dogs Here to Help You Get Over a Fear of Clowns

February 16th, 2015 | by staff
13 Dogs Here to Help You Get Over a Fear of Clowns
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Can you not get enough of crazy costumed pets? Good!

You’ve come to the right place! Especially if you suffer from Coulrophobia.

Better known as a Fear of Clowns, this condition afflicts millions of people around the world. But a handful of precious puppies are now here to help you get over it once and for all.

By showering you with unadulterated adorableness!

Pug Life
The pug life doesn’t seem so tough when one is dressed like Krusty the Clown, does it?
Where's the Party?
Please pay extra attention to my shoes. Pretty amazing, no?
Be Honest...
… I look ridiculous, don’t I?
Hey, Who Are You Calling Bozo?
Be nice please. This is already embarrassing enough.
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Who So Serious?
Okay, fine, The Joker is not technically a clown. But come on! Look at this photo!
A Classy Clown
No, you silly owner. Putting me in black and white does not make this any more absurd.
Not Clowning Around
I am not enjoying this look… at all.
Facepaint on a Dog!
Now we’ve seen everything.
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Just Take the Picture Please
Then we can take this thing off, right?
A Comfy Clown
I may look silly, but I am very comfortable, thank you very much!
A Wonder in White
I better be getting a HUGE bone for posing like this!
I Look Good!
No shame here! Bring on the party guests!
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Cutest. Clown. EVER.
Seriously. We have no words.

The End.

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We’ll be honest: we have no idea why these pets are dressed up like clowns.

But that isn’t the point. The point is that you’ll never be afraid of red noses, giant shoes and ruffled collars ever again, not after seeing them in the new, cute light presented above.

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