Adam Levine CLOCKS Fan With Mic in Concert: Watch!

March 19th, 2015 | by staff
Adam Levine CLOCKS Fan With Mic in Concert: Watch!
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One lucky fan who sat front row at a Maroon 5 concert this week got a close look at Adam Levine and his microphone … when he drilled her in the face with it.

By accident, but still. Talk about too close for comfort …

Maroon 5 fan Stephanie Green got hit in the head with Levine’s mic, which appeared seemed to stop working at one point during the show in Toronto.

This caused Adam to throw the thing, which he probably wished immediately he could take back, as it soared into the audience and clocked Green.

To his credit, Levine immediately rushed over apologize and brought her up to the stage, then explained the mic failure to the crowd over the PA system.

“I feel terrible that I’ve perhaps wounded this young fan,” he said, although she got to watch the rest of the show from the side of the stage at least.

Green was focused on the positive, for sure, saying it was “literally the best day. My dream come true. I never thought in a million years this would happen.”

She said she saved up for that front row seat, which despite the minor head injury, paid off and them some for her after having the chance to meet Levine.

“He keeps apologizing. (I said) ‘I love you, I’m happy, I’m OK!’ I was up on stage, back and forth, freaking out,” Stephanie recalls of the turn of events.

“(Adam) hugged me, grabbed face, held my hands!”

No word if Adam and the band plan to make this a regular part of their concerts, because it appears they made lemonade out of lemons very effectively.

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The End.

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