SAY WHAT? Sexy Rapper Method Man REVEALS The Time He Got "Catfished"…

March 19th, 2015 | by staff
SAY WHAT?  Sexy Rapper Method Man REVEALS The Time He Got "Catfished"…
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The sexiness that is rapper Method Man dropped in on the co-hosts of “The Real” where he shared a shocking story about getting catfished!  Watch the clip inside…

“All I Need” rapper/actor Method Man appears on today’s episode of “The Real” where he shares a funny story about a fan who catfished him. SIDEBAR:  We’re feeling the silver hairs that he’s rocking in his beard.  They add a little sophistication to his swagger.  

But back to the catfishing…

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Meth revealed that this all went down during the Myspace days with a “shorty” who used a fake pic to win tickets for herself and her friends.  At the end of the day, he says he wasn’t offended that a true fan tried to get tickets.

Jeannie Mai: Well, Method Man, we know as women that a bad boy with swag can run all kind of game on the ladies. But at the same time, I heard that you got catfished one time?

Method Man: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Jeannie Mai: What happened?

Method Man: Back in the Myspace days, this one particular girl, I hooked her up with tickets — her and her friends. And after the show, you know, kind of called them over to the bus to, you know, say “What’s up” and “If they had a good time.” And I’m like, “Well, where’s shorty at?”

[At this point, Method Man re-enacts the conversation alternating between the fan’s voice and his own.]

[As the fan] “Oh, she had to leave.”

[As himself] “Oh, she had to leave?”

[As the fan] “Well, we can call her on the phone.”

[As himself] I was like, “No, I’m good.”

Tamar Braxton: What?!

Method Man: I knew what it was from there. I knew what it was from there. But still, you know, I have no problem with, you know, fans, true fans, wanting free tickets to come to a show.

Watch Method Man explain…


Check out Method Man on “The Real” today…and his rap battle with co-host Loni!

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