Scott Disick Once Quit Rehab After Just 12 Hours: Will He Stick It Out This Time?

March 19th, 2015 | by staff
Scott Disick Once Quit Rehab After Just 12 Hours: Will He Stick It Out This Time?
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Earlier this week, Scott Disick checked into rehab for what some claim is his fifth attempt at getting sober through in-patient care.

Yes, Scott has a long history of bailing on rehab, but sources close to the reality star say that he appeared to be serious about getting off the sauce this time.

In fact Scott went all the way to Costa Rica for a bizarre experimental treatment involving hallucinogenic plants that he hoped would be more effective than the traditional approaches he had tried in the past.

Dead Serious Scott Disick

When you look at his past, it’s not hard to see why Scott would pursue such an unusual treatment (one that still allows him to get effed-up) in such a remote location.

Last summer, Scott nearly died of alcohol poisoning after a particularly epic bender.

As you might expect, he checked into rehab shortly thereafter. He checked out of rehab after less than a day of rehab.

But that’s not even the record-holder for Scott’s shortest stint in rehab.

No, that title goes to Scott’s stint in a luxury treatment facility in Malibu, where he checked in for a four-week stay…and bolted after just 12 hours.

Friends, family, and even Scott’s doctors are concerned that he’ll repeat the pattern this time, as he’s reportedly already bragged that he’ll be home on a matter of days.

“Scott needs to be in rehab for at least 90 days,” says one source. “The fact that he is boasting that he’ll be back in less than a week is very, very concerning.”

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